Iron Therapy

Since the birth of mankind, fertile women have lost blood and iron to the baton of the moon. While the blood is formed again, the iron is lost forever. As a result, many of them lose strength and develop typical iron deficiency symptoms. Femininity weakens itself through menstruation.

For centuries, attempts have been made to help such women. Most attempts were unsuccessful until iron infusions were developed.

After the first attempts in Austria in 1957 and Germany in 1971, the iron cycle in Switzerland has now closed: The women give iron to the baton of the moon and fetch it back from the iron doctors again and again in time in the form of iron infusions in order to stay healthy. (swissironsystem).

In Switzerland, over a million iron deficiency patients have been treated with iron infusions by over 10,000 doctors and hospitals, most of them successfully. Word has got around here long ago: Iron deficiency can be detected in good time and treated effectively. The Swiss are the iron protestants.

The release of iron (by our uterus) and the retrieval of the missing iron (directly into the vein by our iron doctors) create the necessary harmony of the iron cycle. Only in this way can we stay healthy and really experience and develop our feminine power!