Iron Matrix

The health care system in the world today allows four billion people to suffer from iron deficiency without being treated. The reason for this is the misleading training of doctors.

Switzerland has carried out a reality check. It swallowed the red pill, entered the iron matrix thanks to its knowledge of the reality of iron, and turned the iron world upside down with the introduction of iron therapy. Just as plants need water, people need iron.

People who live in the iron matrix no longer suffer from iron deficiency symptoms such as exhaustion, concentration disorders, ADD, listlessness, depression, dizziness, sleep disorders, neck tension, headaches, hair loss or even anaemia. They live in the defect-free zone.

Definition of iron matrix:

  1. Sufficient iron concentration (on average 100-200 ng/ml ferritin as in adult men)
  2. No iron deficiency symptoms
  3. The health insurances pay the intravenous iron balance

In women and children, the ferritin level is usually below 50 ng/ml, i.e. in the problem zone. That is why it is YOU who suffer from deficiency symptoms. The Swiss Iron Health Organisation SIHO, founded in 2007, is a pioneer. By increasing the ferritin value, it has opened the door to the iron matrix for them. This medical association has recognized that iron deficiency women and children can only become healthy if they have the same amount of iron as adult men. Then they have also arrived in the iron matrix – which is all the more important after the women’s strike day of 14 June 2019 in the spirit of equality.

In order to get into the iron matrix, iron deficient women and children need iron infusions, which are carefully dosed individually. The EasyFer dosage formula is available for this purpose. Most of the people treated become healthy through the iron balance.

Switzerland is the first country to enter the iron matrix. The health insurance companies pay for this necessary basic care. As a result, there are healthier people for lower costs.

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